Team Profile

Tracy Wiens

Ms. Tracy Wiens - Broker

In 2002, after working many years in New York City, Tracy decided to make a change in her life. Using her unique marketing and public relations skills, Tracy chose to help people with the exciting, challenging, and rewarding task of selling or buying a home in Portland.

Tracy has a great love and appreciation for the architecturally significant homes in Portland’s close-knit neighborhoods where she resides with her family. With both of her daughters attending public school and involved in sports, Tracy understands the various schools and activities available to families moving to the Portland area or just wanting to change neighborhoods. Likewise, Tracy’s commercial real estate and PR connections keep her well versed on the new neighborhood “hot” spots. All of these skills and experiences are invaluable when marketing a home.

Tracy has lived all over the United States, but she truly believes that Portland is one of the best places in the country to live.

Diane Ingalls

Ms. Diane Ingalls - Founder

Diane Ingalls has been a licensed realtor since 1990. Throughout her career in Portland, Ms. Ingalls developed a niche market in the city’s older close-in neighborhoods as she understood the architecture and sense of community that were unique to the different neighborhoods within Portland. Diane’s interest in older homes and real estate led her to start Old PDX Homes in 2004.

Taking a personal interest in unique, architecturally significant homes and their respective owners has always been a passion of Diane’s and was the basis for her success as one of Portland’s leading agents. While Ms. Ingalls has left Oregon to continue her career as a Licensed Realtor in Bozeman, she knows that Old PDX Homes is in good hands with business partner Tracy Wiens.